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About Captaintsubasa83

Captaintsubasa83 is a MEME token created on the ETH platform. Created by people with heart, we will try to create a Captaintsubasa83 family. Where everyone benefits from their own contribution. No Rug, we are fair to everyone, any transparency will always work out well.


Captaintsubasa83 is restoring integrity to meme coins by building the safest Dex and Launchpad in the space. UniSwap already includes our swap. We are a meme coin to capitalize on the fun and organic growth that are common in this space. We are a utility that solves the problems newcomers and OG’s face frequently. We are a community that is regarded as the best and others try to emulate. Best of all, we are just getting started. 


Think of us as the big boss in town. The one who gives back to the community and helps your grandmother cross the road. We also invented cheese. Okay that part is not true. But we will create generational wealth for you and your family. So, you can buy all the cheese you want  in fact, it was believed that the moon was made out of cheese at one time. If you want to find out if it really is, invest in Yuji Inu Token. 



Create the first Meme only Dex in crypto history

To create a sustainable, corruption free global middle class via Captaintsubasa83 Token integration with inter macro economically tethered global currencies and intra micro economically tethered local economic factors.

We provide equal economic opportunity to individuals globally with our decentralized currency Captaintsubasa83 Token.



We’ve developed our buyback wallet to only buy the floor. Whenever we reach our unbreakable support the Buyback wallet will come into place to help take us to new highs!


To prevent price manipulation especially our higher low feature, the max sell can only have a price impact of 2% thus preventing whales from dumping all at once.


We will use 4% – 5% of the money we receive from Tax to support homeless and poor children

Supply burn

There is no supply burn. The contract is renounced so no changes can be made.


The maximum number of Yuji Inu tokens that a wallet can hold is 1.5 billion token (1.5% of the supply). There is also a max buy per transaction of 399 million tokens. 

Fair-launched, no pre-sale

Yuji Inu started from a $500 market cap. No funds were raised before launch. Just a dedicated community which is full of diamond hands.



We value individuals who seek economic opportunity for themselves and their families.


We value internal integrity within our company and our employees.


We value transparency between us and our Token holders


We value our vision of a corruption free world.


We value faithful Token holders and encourage active trading and holding.


We value our employees and treat them with utmost respect because we believe that the roots of our organization determine the fruits of our holders and traders alike


Total Supply


Max Buy

2% 2,000,000








Tax coin








Tax coin

Fully minted through unicrypt

No dev authority



Phase 1

1. Token Launch
2. Website Release
3. UniSwap Listing
4. Reddit marketing
5. Dashboard v1

Phase 2

6. 1000+ Twitter followers
7. 1000+ Telegram members
8. 1000+ Holders
9. Dashboard v2
10. Influencer marketing

Phase 3

11. Discord server launch
12. CoinMarketCap Untracked
13. Twitter partnerships
14. Official subreddit
15. Dashboard v3

Phase 4

16. BscScan data listing
17. 2500+ Twitter followers
18. CoinMarketCap tracked listing
19. CoinGecko listing
20. CoinBase listing

Phase 5

21. 2500+ TG members
22. Youtube channel
23. Dashboard v4 + Calculator
24. Dessert finance audit
25. Website v2

Phase 6

26. Trustwallet & Pcs logo
27. Website V3
28. NFTs

How To Buy?

1: Download Trust Wallet or MetaMask

Simply visit trustwallet.com or metamask.io and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the DeFI market. Proceed registering new account and remember to never share your seed/recovery phrase!

2: Fund your Wallet

Purchase ETH to fund your wallet. This coin can be purchased in exchanger or directly from your wallet.

3: Connect to UniSwap

In Trust Wallet Go to DApps & click on Unisawp In Metamask go to browser and paste link below to visit UniSwap. https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?chain=mainnet Click Connect at the top right corner to connect your wallet.

4: Swap Captaintsubasa83

Click ‘select a currency’ & enter the contract address below and start swapping coin.